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The best products for calming nervous patients and improving the MRI experience.


MRI-compatible projectors offer economical and flexible solutions to visual presentation that cannot be matched by LCD screens. ​Projectors can be located anywhere in the magnet room (1.5T to 9.4T) offering far more flexibility than LCD screens.​​

  • The SV-6060 HDMI projector. High-resolution visual presentation for entertainment and fMRI applications.
  • The SV-8000 MR-mini™ Projector is the economical solution for patient comfort, room ambiance, and standard fMRI stimulus.

Transform the MRI Experience!
SV-6060 High Resolution Projector


Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080)

Brightness: 2200 lumens

Contrast ratio: 35,000

HDMI fiber optic video input:

HDMI 1.0-1.3 / 60 Hz


Locate anywhere in the magnet room.

Easy-to-move mobile stand.

Zoom lens makes changing image size easy.

1 year parts and labor warranty.


Full-size screen offers a fully immersive experience for patient comfort.

Smaller screen sizes for research applications.

SV-8000 MR-mini™
Standard Resolution Projection

  • Project to our in-bore removable screen or the wall
  • Front mount or rear mount
  • The image size can be whatever you need
  • Zero-Footprint
  • Patient comfort or fMRI
  • No noise or safety issues
  • Easy to use
  • Combine the MR-mini™ with the Silent Scan® audio system for our Silver Screen™ Complete Audio-Visual Package
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