Nano Eye tracking for Nova® 32 at 7T



Designed for the Nova® 32 channel at 7T. Integrates a fiber optic illuminator and image guide into the mirror that the patient uses to view the projection screen.

mri eye tracking glasses
Eye tracking for the Nova® 32 at 7T


The eye tracking hardware is mounted on a two-way, rear-facing mirror. Once the patient’s head is positioned inside the coil, the eye tracking hardware can be adjusted to center the eye. IR light passes through the two-way mirror and illuminates the eye. The eye image is transmitted via fiber optic image guide to the control room where the eye image data can be recorded and analyzed.


The system can be configured to track a single eye or both eyes.

The field of view out of the Nova® 32 coil is completely dependent on the head coil and additional ship coils if used. The rear-facing mirror does not limit the field of view.

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It Fits!


This is the only eye tracking system in the world that fits in the Nova® 32 receive with transmit coil. The eye tracking hardware is designed such that it does not require removal and replacement for each patient. It slides into place over the patients eyes and does not protrude down into the already confining head space.


The patient does not know the difference.

mri eye tracking glasses
Minimal Hardware


Minimal adjustment required between patients. Multiuse tool is included, when adjustment is necessary.


Shown here is the monocular version of the system. The rear-facing mirror provides a view of the coil for both eyes, but only a single eye is illuminated and tracked.


A semi-permanent mounting system fastens the image guide and IR illuminator to the head coil for more robust use.

mri eye tracking
Custom Integration


Depending on your needs and head coil, we would be happy to customize a solution for you.



The Nano can be mounted completely inside a head coil, or simply mounted on the receive coil. If you are considering local eye tracking in a confined space, call us to brain storm a solution!