MRI Safety Essentials

Avotec MRI solutions provides the market with reliable and high-quality headset sanitary covers and essential supplies. We help reduce patient anxiety and optimize the MRI experience.

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Sanitary Headset Covers & Single Use Ear Tips

Our replacement headset cover gives your MRI equipment a brand-new feeling that are strong and tear resistant.

Avotec MRI essential supplies and replacement sanitary supplies help deliver a better patient experience and reduce rescans.

MRI Essential Products

Durable Sanitary Covers are must-have accessories for any shared headphones and headsets. The single use covers are a safe and easy way to improve your patient experience. Ear tips and Sanitary Covers are essential for MRI safety.

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Conformal Headset

Part #: 723305

Full Coverage Headset

Part #: 723203

Stethoscopic Headset

Part #: 723302


Part #: 723204
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Classic Conformal Tips, 50 Pair

Part #: 961011
single use icon

Taper Soft Conformal Tips, 50 Pair

Part #: 961012
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Ultra Taper Soft Conformal Tips, 50 Pair

Part #: 961013
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Disposable Headset Sanitary Covers, 1,000

Part #: 962100
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Disposable Eartips, 1,000

Part #: 961100

Clinical Tubing Assembly

Part #: 723102

Research Tubing Assembly

Part #: 723103

Headband Replacement Kit

Part #: 600006

Replacement Rims Kit

Part #: 600007

Full Coverage Headset Mounting Bracket

Part #: 640102

Transducer Mounting Bracket

Part #: 640301

Stethoscopic Headset Mounting Bracket

Part #: 640201

Patient Alarm Assembly

Part #: 722250

Filter Kit, 9-Pin, Sub-D

Part #: 721159

Silent Scan Console

Part #: 721106

Silent Scan Transducer

Part #: 722103

Power Supply, SS-3200 Console

Part #: 470071-1

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