Silent Scan® Technical Specifications

Silent Scan® is a pneumatic MRI audio system, so the headsets are MR-Safe

MR Audio system with patient on bed
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The Silent Scan® MRI audio system is operated using the console which is typically located in the MR control room.




  • Communication console with gooseneck microphone

  • AC power supply with power cord

  • Audio Transducer with mounting bracket

  • Full coverage and Conformal headsets

  • Sample packs of disposable headset covers

  • DC power/signal cabling between console and transducer

  • RF filter for penetration panel connection

  • Stereo system with AM/FM and CD

  • Stereo patch cords

  • Scan-Lock™ Plus tubing assembly

  • Patient alarm bulb and mounting bracket

  • For fMRI stimulus we recommend our Graphic Equalizer



Electrical: AC transformer 110VAC (50-60Hz) /220VAC (50Hz); fused FST 1A (115VAC) / FST 0.5A (220VAC).


Audio: Frequency response (typical): Flat response (+/-) 4dB 200-4500Hz; time delay 9ms (nominal), non-dispersive acoustic propagation (constant phase delay).


Certifications: CE


Cabling/filtering: DC power/signal cables (4- shielded twisted pairs) in two sections (console to pen panel, and pen panel to transducer); RF filter, 9-pin sub-D; IEC power cord, plug type is site specific, 3-wire grounded, 6 feet (nominal).


Warranty: Three year warranty. 

Patient and full coverage headset