Silent Scan®

       Hearing protection / Communication / Music / Stimulation

Silent Scan®.  The benchmark for MR audio systems.


  • Hearing protection  MR scans are very loud.

      30dB NRR with our full coverage and Conformal headsets.

      And our Conformal™ headset fits in any coil / any head.


  • Communication  Your patients need to hear you. You need to hear them.  Silent Scan® provides crystal-clear, two-way communication.  And the built-in alarm alerts you to their needs.


  • Music  The beneficial effects of music for patient comfort are well known.  Silent Scan® provides a true frequency-balanced sound.

  • Silent Scan® is small. The console features built-in radio, microphone and speakers. No bulky stereo system.


      Compatible with GE AutoVoice® input.

  • Stimulation fully calibrated audio stimulus version for fMRI work.



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