Glasses for Binocular Stimulus

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The SV-7021 fiber optic glasses are the most sophisticated binocular visual system in the world. The all glass and plastic construction of the glasses means they are MR inert, so they can be used on any magnet, at any field strength, without noise or artifacts. Independent 3-axis mounting of each eyepiece provides mounting flexibility and ensures a stable optical base. Built-in refractive correction makes it easy to accommodate all patients.





All glasses are supplied with a mount designed to interface to a particular head coil. The mounts provide three axes of adjustment so the patient can easily achieve binocular fusion. This system can be combined with the Real Eye™ monitoring system to enable simultaneous visual presentation and eye tracking for one or two eyes.


  • GUI interface enables user adjustable color balance and an electronic shutter feature

  • Field of View (FOV) 30 degrees horizontal x 23 degrees vertical (nominal)

  • Focus +/- 6 diopters; Interpupillary Distance (IPD), 3-axis mount, 1.52” (min) to 3.0” max

  • Resolution (Projector LCD) XVGA (1024x768), 60 Hz