Eye Monitoring & Tracking Solutions

When you need to know what your patient's eyes are doing


We should have called these systems Real Easy because they set up so quickly. Save yourself time and frustration instead of using camera-based long range trackers.


All components inside the Real Eye™ are glass and plastic so you get an MR-Safe system that will never cause noise or artifacts. Functions in ANY field strength.

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Using a Projector? 


For LCD-based visual presentations, the RE-5700 integrates a fiber optic illuminator and image guide into the mirror the patient uses to view the projection screen. The RE-5700 sets up in just seconds, so you can avoid the delays with long-range camera systems. And since the RE-5700 is all glass and plastic, there are no noise or safety issues.



Remember: A screen is always required with a projector, regardless of eye tracking tools.