Eye Monitoring Products

Eye Monitoring Systems for Projection based Visual Presentation

Eye Monitoring/Tracking

The Eye Monitoring system sets up in just seconds so you can avoid long delays with long-range camera systems. In-bore inert: The system is indistinguishable from the MR background noice and is not affected by the operation of the MRI. 

  • The RE-5701 is a single camera version that can be adjusted to view either of the patient's eyes. 
  • The RE-5721 allows both eyes to be viewed simultaneously. 
  • The RE-Nano is for use with the Nova 32 with transmit coil at 7T. Single and dual are available. 
  • Video-based eye tracking software is available. 

Real Eye 5701 / 5721

The only eye tracking solutions that are guaranteed to work in 7T or 9.4T environments.

  • Made of glass and plastic for a MR-Safe environment
  • Function in ANY field strength
  • Any magnet, any coil
  • No noise or artifacts
  • Easy set up
  • Minimal adjustment between patients

Real Eye Nano™

  • The only eye tracking system in the world that fits in Nova 32 transmit coil. 
  • Can be configured for single eye tracking or for both eyes.
  • Rear-facing mirror does not limit field of view.
  • In-bore inert plastic and glass construction.
  • Point of Gaze (60Hz).
  • Does not require removal between patients.
  • Minimal adjustment required. Multi-use tool included. 

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