The Conformal Headset™

Watch this to see Conformal Headset™ benefits!
Trouble with tight head coils? 
Try our Conformal headset!
  • Ear plug is small and soft
  • Easy to insert
  • Completely flexible
  • No rigid tubing 

The Conformal™ ear tips are completely flexible.


The Conformal™ ear tips fit easily into the ear canal for maximum hearing protection.



The Conformal™ ear tips do not stick out past the patient’s ears.


If your patient’s ears fit, the Conformal™ ear tips will fit



The Conformal™ ear tips do not have a rigid port in the ear tip.


Other ear tips have rigid ports that can be very painful for your patients

*Conformal headset and replacement ear inserts are sold under license to US Patent RE43,595 C1.



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