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About Avotec


We care about your patients, because a MR exam is not fun for anyone.


We care about you, because we want to give you safe and reliable tools. 


We care about our products, because we want to give you tools we would be proud to own.


We care about service, because your purchase is just the first step in our commitment to you. 


Even the President answers the phone. 


Nothing works forever. Avotec is only a phone call away. We recognize your schedules and budgets for your MRI accessories.


We understand your needs. From our personal phone service, to our unique loaner programs, we will work our butts off to get you running.


Service. Nobody does it better than Avotec. Just ask.


Cheaper is really more expensive. 


The MR environment is tough on equipment. Not just the magnetic field or the RF field, it's the double shifts, the push to move patients faster while trying to get better images. 


You need the best MRI accessories and equipment to do this. 


  • 2,000+ Installations Worldwide


  • Systems that routinely operate MORE THAN a DECADE. 


Innovation is critical in the rapidly changing MR world. 1.5T to 9.4T... and imaging capabilities not even dreamed about 10 years ago. 


Avotec has kept pace with these changes with our In-Bore Inert™ philosophy. In In-Bore Inert™ means:


  • All components in side the bore are MR safe. So we protect your patients, and your investment.


  • All Avotec systems are indistinguishable from the background noise. Any Magnet, any scan, any time. 

Our Principles


You want an established organization working diligently for you.


Avotec is renown for:


  • Reliability


  • Customer Service


  • Market Knowledge


You want an organization that makes its presence felt strongly in the market.

  • Avotec has over 20+ successful years in the MRI environment


  • Backed by an impressive track record: 2,000+ installations worldwide


  • Avotec is customer focused and quality driven



When you have a tight Budget, cheaper is not always better.



Why does Avotec cost more?

Shouldn’t  you ask Why do they cost so little?



Get more. A lot more