About Avotec

MRI Audio System | Silent Scan | MRI Accessories for the MRI Control Room

We care about your patients, because a MR exam is not fun for anyone.


We care about you, because we want to give you safe and reliable tools. 


We care about our products, because we want to give you tools we would be proud to own.


We care about service, because your purchase is just the first step in our commitment to you. 


From our renowned customer service, to our unique loaner programs, we work hard to get you running and find custom solutions for your specific needs.


We have over thirty years of experience and understand budgeting for a diversity of MRI needs.


We have 2,000+ Installations worldwide, and our technology is built to last.

The MR environment is tough on equipment, and there is an increased need for the best MRI accessories and equipment to get the best imaging results. 


Innovation is critical in the rapidly changing MR world. 1.5T to 9.4T... and imaging capabilities not even dreamed about 10 years ago. 


Avotec has kept pace with these changes with our In-Bore Inert™ philosophy. In In-Bore Inert™ means:


  • All components in side the bore are MR safe. So we protect your patients, and your investment.


  • All Avotec systems are indistinguishable from the background noise. Any magnet, any scan, any time.