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  • We care about your patients, because an MRI exam is not fun for anyone.
  • We care about you, because we want you to have safe and reliable tools.
  • We care about our products, because we want to give you tools we would be proud to own.
  • We care about service because your purchase is just the first step in our commitment to you. 


We have 2,000+ Installations worldwide, and our technology is built to last.

The MRI environment is tough and we aim to get you the best imaging results with our accessories and equipment.


Innovation is critical in the rapidly changing MRI world. 1.5T to 9.4T... and imaging capabilities not even dreamed about 10 years ago. 

Avotec has kept pace with these changes with our In-Bore Inert™ philosophy. In-Bore Inert™ means:

  • All components inside the bore are MR-Safe. We protect your patients and your investment.
  • Avotec systems are indistinguishable from the background noise and do not interfere with MRI signals.
  • Any magnet, any scan, any time. 

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Questions We Hear


Why Buy from Avotec?

Experience, reliability, and service. We have been in the business for over thirty years, providing systems all over the world, for every type of magnet. Most importantly, our systems are built to last. We routinely see systems continue to operate years beyond the competition. From our renowned customer service to our unique loaner programs, we work hard to find solutions for your specific needs.


How Do I Install a System?

Detailed instructions are in each Operating Manual. Installation is straightforward and generally involves simply routing cables from the Control Room to the Pen Panel in the Equipment Room, and from the Pen Panel to the Magnet. Installation and training is available as as system add-on. 


What is RF Interference & SNR?

RF interference that is visible in an MRI image is usually called an artifact, such as the “zipper artifact” shown here.  This is perhaps the least dangerous kind of noise because it is visible, so you know you have a problem.  Any equipment that generates this kind of noise is not MRI compatible, and certainly has not undergone any kind of rigorous testing.

poor-good-snr snr-imagery



What does In-Bore Inert™ have to do with MR-Safe?

MR-Safe means that a device can be used with no restrictions within Zone 4 (in the Magnet Room). MR-Safe does not consider the effects of EMI (electromagnetic interference). In-Bore Inert™ is an SNR measure used by Avotec to indicate that an Avotec system has a noise signature that is below the background noise of the MRI.


What is the frequency response of an audio system?

The frequency response is one of the most misused specifications of an audio system.

There are two steps in creating sound your patient hears. The first is connecting an audio input to the system. This input is an electrical input, NOT an acoustic input. Unfortunately the frequency response of the input is often quoted as the response of the system. 

The second part of the system is the sound coming out of the headset to the patients' ears. Because of natural attenuation in the speakers system and pneumatic headset, this is ALWAYS MUCH LESS than the input.

Although the frequency response of the output is much less and the input, we have a solution! Ask about adding a calibrated equalizer to your MRI audio system.