High Field Solutions

We are the only high field equipment company that sells products guaranteed to work in 7T or 9.4T environments. 

MR Eye tracking | High field eye tracking | local eye tracking
Real Eye Nano™ Eye Tracking


Designed for the Nova 32 channel at 7T. Integrates a fiber optic illuminator and image guide into the mirror that the patient uses to view the projection screen.


An eye image is then relayed back to the control room where it can be viewed and directed to an optional video base eye tracker to measure eye movement.


The Real Eye Nano™ is constructed of plastic and glass so it is In Bore inert.


Point of Gaze (60Hz) or High Speed (240 Hz) versions are available. 

High resolution in room  projector | in room MR projector
Silent Vision™ Projectors


The SV-6011 is a color LCD projection system designed for MR use from 1.5T to 9.4T. The projector can be located anywhere within the magnet room, offering unparalleled flexibility in visual presentation.


The SV-6011 system includes an LCD projector, typically located at the rear of the magnet, a video interface/power supply located in the control room, and a cooling system located in the equipment room. 


The projector is mounted on a mobile stand that can be easily moved. The In-bore™ screen attaches to inside of the bore and can be easily removed.

Silent Scan Audio system
Silent Scan® Audio System


Silent Scan® Hearing protection. Communication. Stimulation.


Silent Scan® headsets are MR safe.


Audio stimulation is available as a fully calibrated audio delivery system. 


Silent Scan® is small. The console features built in radio, microphone and speakers. No bulky stereo system.


Noise-free function for all magnets up to 9.4T. 

Binocular stimulus | custom head coil mount
Real Eye™  Binocular Stimulus


All glasses are supplied with a mount designed to interface to a particular head coil. The mounts provide three axes of adjustment so the patient can easily achieve binocular fusion. This system can be combined with the Real Eye™ monitoring system to enable simultaneous visual presentation and eye tracking for one or two eyes.


  • GUI interface enables user adjustable color balance and an electronic shutter feature

  • Field of View (FOV) 30 degrees horizontal x 23 degrees vertical (nominal)

  • Focus +/- 6 diopters; Interpupillary Distance (IPD), 3-axis mount, 1.52” (min) to 3.0” max

  • Resolution (Projector LCD) XVGA (1024x768), 60 Hz