High Field Solutions

We are the only high field equipment company that sells products guaranteed to work in 7T or 9.4T environments. 

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Real Eye Nano™ Eye Tracking


Designed for the Nova 32 channel at 7T. Integrates a fiber optic illuminator and image guide into the mirror that the patient uses to view the projection screen.


An eye image is then relayed back to the control room where it can be viewed and directed to an optional video base eye tracker to measure eye movement.


The Real Eye Nano™ is constructed of plastic and glass so it is In Bore inert.


Point of Gaze (60Hz) or High Speed (240 Hz) versions are available. 

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SV-6060 HDMI Projector


  • High resolution visuals for patient comfort and fMRI applications.​​

  • Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080)​

  • Brightness: 2200 lumens​

  • Contrast ratio: 35,000​

  • HDMI fiber optic video input

    • HDMI 1.0-1.3 / 60 Hz

  • Easy-to-move mobile stand​.

  • Zoom lens makes changing image size easy.

  • Choose a screen size to fit your application.

  • Full-size screen offers a fully immersive experience for patient comfort.

  • Smaller screen sizes for research applications.

Silent Scan Audio system
Silent Scan® Audio System


Silent Scan® Hearing protection. Communication. Stimulation.


Silent Scan® headsets are MR safe.


Audio stimulation is available as a fully calibrated audio delivery system. 


Silent Scan® is small. The console features built in radio, microphone and speakers. No bulky stereo system.


Noise-free function for all magnets up to 9.4T.