The SV-7021 fiber optic glasses are the most sophisticated binocular visual system in the world. The all glass and plastic construction of the glasses means they are MR inert, so they can be used on any magnet, at any field strength, without noise or artifacts. Independent 3-axis mounting of each eyepiece provides mounting flexibility and ensures a stable optical base. Built-in refractive correction makes it easy to accommodate all patients.

A GUI interface for color balance and an electronic shutter feature provide the tools you need for the most sophisticated visual presentation. Add the Real Eye™ eye monitoring system to enable simultaneous visual presentation and eye tracking.

Avotec Audio Solution

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Avotec Audio Solution

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Avotec Audio Solution
Audio systems work seamlessly
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Avotec Audio Solution
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  • Overview
  • Technical Specifications

The SV-7021 is a binocular visual system designed for MR use. The 7021 system accepts dual, independent XVGA inputs (1024x768) or NTSC/PAL video inputs using the optional VGA converters.

The heart of the system is a pair of fiber optic glasses. The fiber optic glasses are constructed entirely of glass and plastic, so there are no concerns about noise being introduced into the imaging process. And since the glasses are non-conductive, there are also no safety issues. The glasses also feature adjustments for refractive correction.

The glasses are linked via a pair of fiber optic image guides to a projector, typically located at the front of the magnet. A video interface/power supply located in the control room relays the video drive signal to the projector over a fiber optic link to ensure EMI immunity. DC power is supplied over a hard-wired cable that passes through a filter on the penetration panel. The projector is mounted on a mobile cart that can be easily moved, either for maintenance or to another location. A cooling system located in the equipment room ensures long-term reliability.

There are three different types of fiber optic glasses to match different types of head coils.

  • The straight glasses are used for bird cage tapered coils, or for applications where there is very little space.

  • The right angle glasses are used for capped head coils that allow access to the patient’s eyes.

  • The extended range (XR) glasses are intended for capped coils that have very limited access to the patient’s eyes.

  • Custom configurations of the glasses can be developed for applications where our standard glasses configurations will not work. Please contact Avotec for details.


Each type of glasses is supplied with a mount designed to interface to a particular head coil. The mounts provide three axes of adjustment so the patient can easily achieve binocular fusion.

The SV-7021 is supplied with In-Control™ software, which features GUI accessible color calibration and an electronic shutter feature to support the most demanding applications.

The SV-7021 system can be combined with the RE-4601/4621 eye monitoring system to enable simultaneous visual presentation and eye tracking for one or two eyes.

Video Interface with dual video input channels; dual channel color XVGA LCD Projector; dual Image Guides, binocular Glasses; Glasses Mount; Cooling System including control cable and polyethylene tubing; DC power and fiber optic cables; RF filter; and Projector Consolidation Cart.

Video Interface, 7.5” H x 17.0” W x 15.25 D”, 38 lbs.; Projector, 14.0” H (max) x 10.0” W x 15” D (max), 35 lbs; Cooler, 16”H x 10”W x15”D, 35lbs; Image Guides, 12.5’, 1.3 lbs.; Binocular Glasses, 27 mm H x 82 mm / W x 260 mm L, 298g.

Video Inputs
VESA compatible XVGA (1024x768), 60 Hz.

Field of View (FOV) 30 degrees horizontal x 23 degrees vertical (nominal); Focus +/- 6 diopters; Interpupillary Distance (IPD), 3-axis mount, 1.52” (min) to 3.0” max; Resolution (Projector LCD) 1024H x 763V. Fiber optics; 10 micron fibers arranged in a 5 x 5 multi-fiber bundle; approx. fiber count 530H x 400V.

100-110 VAC / 50-60 HZ, FST 7.5 Amps; 220 VAC / 50 Hz FST 2.5 Amps.

Power Cable, 2 shielded twisted pairs, 200’ (max); Fiber optic video cable (ST connectors), 200’ (max); Cooler control cable, 4 shielded twisted pairs, 100’ (typical); 3-wire grounded power cord, 7 feet.

Housings / Glasses: pearl white, charcoal gray accents.