The SV-6011 LCD projector is designed specifically for MR use. The SV-6011 is the perfect compromise between ease-of-use and technical sophistication. Because the SV- 6011 projector can be mounted at the rear of any field strength magnet, there is no need for special wave guides or lenses.

XVGA resolution (1024x768), GUI accessible color calibration, and electronic shutter features support the most demanding applications. And unlike commercial projectors, the lens and brightness of the
SV-6011 are matched to the MR environment, so you get just the image you wanted, without overfilling or blinding brightness.

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Avotec Audio Solution
Audio systems work seamlessly
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  • Overview
  • Technical Specifications

The SV-6011 is a color LCD projection system designed for MR use. The 6011 system accepts an XVGA input (1024x768) or NTSC/PAL video inputs (400 x 600) using the optional VGA converter.

The SV-6011 system includes an LCD projector, typically located at the rear of the magnet, a video interface/power supply located in the control room, and a cooling system located in the equipment room. The projector displays images on a rear projection screen that hangs in the bore. The patient views the projected images using a coil-mounted mirror.

The projector is mounted on a mobile stand that can be easily moved. The In-bore™ screen attaches to inside of the bore using Velcro mounts that can also be easily removed.

The video signal is relayed from the video interface to the projector over a fiber optic link to ensure EMI immunity. DC power is supplied over a hard-wired cable that passes through a filter on the penetration panel.

The SV-6011 is supplied with In-Control™ software, which features GUI accessible color calibration and an electronic shutter feature to support the most demanding applications.

Helpful hint: Take a look at the RE-5701 eye monitor/tracker for simple, simultaneous visual presentation and eye tracking.



  • Video Interface with single video input; color XVGA (1024 x 768)
  • LCD Projector
  • Cooler system including Control Cable and polyethylene tubing
  • DC Power and Fiber Optic cabling
  • RF Filter
  • Projector Stand
  • Scree0n Assembly
  • Mirror (if needed)


  • Video Interface, 7.5” High x 17.0” Wide x 15.25 Deep, weight is 35 lbs
  • Projector, 8.0” H x 10.0” W x 23” D (including standard lens), weight is 25 lbs
  • Cooler, 16” H x 10” W x 15”D, 35 lbs
  • User adjustable Projector Stand (typical) 40” H x 26” diameter


Video Input
VESA compatible SVGA (1024 x 768), refresh rate is 50/60 Hz



  • Field of View (FOV) 30 degrees horizontal (nominal) but is magnet and/or head coil specific
  • LCD response times (10-90% luminance)
  • On (typical/max) 8/40 ms
  • Off (typical/max) 40/60 ms
  • Typical frequency of 20 Hz, maximum frequency 10 Hz



  • 100VAC / 50-60 Hz, FST 5.0 Amps
  • 110 VAC / 50-60 Hz, FST 8.0 Amps
  • 220 VAC / 50 Hz FST 2.5 Amps


DC Power and Fiber Optic Cables

  • DC Power Cable has 2 shielded twisted pairs with a 200 foot maximum length
  • Fiber Optic Video Cable (ST connectors), 200 foot maximum length
  • Cooler control cable, 4 shielded twisted pairs, 100 foot maximum length
  • Power Cord use 3-wire grounded cords, Hospital Grade, 7 feet length


Housings: pearl white with charcoal gray accents.